Ultimate Food Value Diary

Track your food values, exercise, weight & measurements all in one place. This is the ultimate app for you!

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Join other people in losing weight the affordable way!

Track your food values, exercise, weight & measurements all in one place. This is the ultimate app for you!


■ Included in the price of the app ■

√ No membership or ads - pay once use the core app forever!

√ Food, Alcohol, Exercise & Daily allowance calculators for our standard plans that calculate values using the standard macro nutrients of protein, carbs, fat & fibre.

√ Large Online Food Database > 3 million items - Full of day-to-day foods, snacks and alcohol items.

√ Online Dining Out Guide - 460+ searchable restaurants.

√ Barcode scanner > 3 million barcodes (Requires auto focus camera, please check your device)

√ Configurable in metric and imperial.

√ Value estimator - Calculate food values based on just the calorific value.

√ Meal Maker allowing you to group items together as a meal with automatic portion calculation.

√ Large Exercise database.

√ Export of diary to spreadsheet and text files.

√ Track healthy choices plus record your daily notes.

√ Weight & measurement progress tracking with advanced graphs & goal setting to accurately monitor your progress.

√ Two great widgets!

√ Unlimited food & exercise favorites


■ If you take out our optional subscription you also get ■

√ Premium Plan - a comprehensive version of our latest value plan that is based on Calories/Kilojoules, Sugar, Sat.Fat & Protein with a large food value database, exercise & daily allowance calculator - everything you need to succeed!

√ Pedometer support - Record your steps on your fitness band or smart watch and have the app automatically convert them to exercise earned within the app for all plans - syncs with Fitbit & Google Fit.

√ Cloud data backup & restore with automatic backups and ability to copy data between Android devices.

√ Premium support just an email away.



Please consult your health care provider before undertaking any diet.


If you experience any issues please contact us by the built-in contact support option, we cannot help via marketplace comments.


Please note, we are not endorsed or affiliated with any weight loss system.

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